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This way of working with me allows you to keep the cost of coaching 1:1 minimal, but allows you daily (if needed) contact and support in an easy and quick way of working with me.

You subscribe here for $99/month ongoing, which you can cancel at any time before the next monthly charge occurs, no questions asked.

I have 20 spaces for this offer, and it will be closed and by wait list if I reach capacity.  This is so that I can thoughtfully respond to each client as they require it, up to once every business day.

How it works:

You may email or DM me via FB (whichever format you prefer) with ONE topic/issue/question in a business day, and I will get back to you in the same format within 24 business hours.  (Weekends and holidays are not business days for the purposes of this program.)

My response will be thoughtful, aimed to coach and help you, and geared toward how you have indicated you could use help with the issue utilizing my coaching skills and other expertise that span 20+ years across many disciplines. Sorry, no legal advice will be given. I may ask some powerful questions in response to your inquiry, and those are meant to coach you to find your best solutions.

This program is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  You may cancel at any time before your next billing cycle. Holidays include calendar holidays and religious holidays, and I keep good boundaries on that, so that I can enjoy my family and walk my talk.


I've coached for 14 years in this format, and am offering it to my clients at Two Naughty Goats Lavender Farm here:


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