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Unitasking - Why doing ONE thing at a time can improve your life.

If you're like me, you've become very good at multi-tasking - and you may not ever do one thing at a time. In our society, we reward busy-ness and doing. Most of us, especially those who are parents, do several things at once, or we think about several things while we do something. In the new year, it's a good time to remind myself and to introduce you to the idea of uni-tasking. I invite you to do ONE thing at a time. I invite you to be fully present with all of your senses and your mind as you do one thing. I invite you to notice when you are not present, when you are attempting to multi-task. Notice. That's the first step. I invite you to gently remind yourself to do one thing and to be fully present while doing it as you go through your days. I was given this homework by one of my mentors, and it truly does return your nervous system to a time when you were maybe a younger person or child, and you could lose yourself in drawing, playing outside, or just doing one thing without the weight of many responsibilities on your shoulders. It will slow your days down, too. You experience things fully and remember more. You appreciate things more fully. When we think we need to do more, what we really need to do is less. (Pssst, the science shows that uni-tasking actually makes you more productive!) I challenge you to do less (at once) - by doing one thing at a time.

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