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Welcome to Two Naughty Goats Blog

If the goats were welcoming you, it may look a little like this, though they don't always come over to the fence when my kids go out to feed them cheerios. Hi. Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad you're here. I will share thoughts, recipes, tools, tips, pictures, videos, poems, or whatever I may be doing on the farm and in my business that I think you may enjoy or find useful. I'm Dana, and I'm the face behind Two Naughty Goats Lavender Farm. I'm writing a book entitled, Everything I Really Need to Know, I Learned from Two Naughty Goats: The Naughty Goat’s Guide to Finding the Good Stuff in Life. How a Stay-at-Home Mom harnessed the wisdom of two naughty goats to turn burn-out and overwhelm into a sense of reward and joy by practicing yoga, gardening and cooking.

I help burned out women find joy and ease by harnessing the wisdom of goats. I use yoga, gardening and food to bring people into the present moment and help them find their own sweet spot, which spills over the rest of their lives.

Ease and joy...what could make your life better than that? Oh, and - I don't have goats.

What? I have two naughty goats that visit my farm from my neighbor's goat farm next door. My farm named itself, because every time I pulled in my driveway or went outside, there would be the same two naughty goats, happily browsing on our alfalfa field or grass. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, after all, right? :D We are surrounded by goat farms. I bet one day we'll have a goat or two. I am a wife and mom on a small, brand new lavender farm in Wisconsin. We have about 10 acres, and my goal is to start off planting an acre or two of lavender and see where that leads. I am planting my first 100 lavender plants right now in a smaller test plot. We're preparing the field, the soil, and gathering supplies for weed cloth and pins, hole burners, and all the things you need to keep lavender happy in our zone and soil type. I'm excited for the test plot and can't wait to see lavender in our field. I am a lawyer and I practiced law for 12 years, but I am not practicing law at this time. We have two little girls and I care for them full-time. I put my legal career on pause to raise the girls, but I'm always a fierce advocate for those who need it, and I utilize my alternative conflict resolution and problem solving skills in all aspects of my life. I want you to know I am inactively licensed, and do not give legal advice or establish attorney/client relationships at this time. Don't ask, thank you. Nothing on my site should be construed as legal advice. My mission with my lavender farm is to help you realize the joy is's inside you...and it is so important. Joy fuels us and inspires us. Tapping into it is key to living a life of ease and fulfillment. I will help you practice ease.

I offer yoga, cooking, and gardening classes, life and lifestyle coaching, and I will be offering visits to the farm by invitation or appointment when it is ready, with on-site classes, retreats, and events. I am currently visiting Kenosha Harbor Market one weekend per month, shopping with a few vendors and then making a farm-to-table recipe or two from those ingredients to share in a video to help you see how you can make nourishing meals from healthy, farm-to-table ingredients. I'll be sure to post it when it's ready.

Come back and visit again. If you want to keep up you can join my email list here where you'll get my updated blog posts to your inbox weekly and anything else that's going on at the farm, on a first to know basis. Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you again.

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