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I created this program for those of you who need a little support and want to try coaching.  I've been a certified and trained coach since 2007. The Club is limited to 25 people, on a wait-list basis so that I can dedicate myself to what you need.  As participants drop off, others will be invited in.

Each member will get an initial 60 minute coaching session by phone the first month, and then a 30 minute individual coaching session by phone per month thereafter - scheduled when it works for you during my availability.  In addition, one group video call will be held weekly for one hour via zoom, Fridays at 12:00 pm CT (subject to schedule change), for touch ups and questions or group coaching.

I'm about what is easy for you - you can cancel at any time after an initial 3 month commitment. Enrollment is through a PayPal subscription.   

Things you can bring to sessions:

  • Goals you'd like help planning or meeting

  • Changes you need help making

  • Help with systems and routines that aren't working 

  • An issue you would like help solving

  • An uncertainty you'd like clarity on

  • Questions about what to do next

  • Boundaries you need help setting or enforcing

  • Brainstorming your big ideas and dreams into reality

  • Anything, really, that you'd like coaching on or help with

I've priced it at a no-brainer cost - $175 a month via PayPal subscription, with a three month commitment.  After that, cancel when you feel you are complete or need a break.

Caveats -


You're responsible for your own scheduling and time.  

No-shows aren't eligible for reschedule and result in forfeited session for the month.

Prior notice reschedules are available with 24+ hours notice.

I reserve the right to also reschedule with notice.

I don't remind or chase folks.

Calendar your sessions so you're sure to be there, and note time zone change where applicable, and the zoom link or phone number to dial in.

Join the club:

After you've subscribed:

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